Activity Restrictions After Delivery

Note: In this section, the shorter duration of time recommended will be applied to is women who had a vaginal delivery and the longer duration to those who underwent a Cesarean delivery.

  1. Do not drive for 2 weeks after you have delivered or until you can sit in a chair and look over your shoulder without eliciting pain in your abdomen or bottom that would be distracting.
  2. Do not lift greater than 15 lbs. for 2-4 weeks after delivery. That is, do not lift anything heavier than the baby in the carrier
  3. Do not engage in intercourse until your postpartum visit (and if you can’t wait please use a condom).
  4. Walk up and down stairs at a minimum for the first 2-4 weeks after delivery. That is, do not go up and down stairs more than 4x/day, if possible. If the stairs are into your home and are more than 2-3 flights, please go out once a day. Minimizing the use of stairs between the floors in your home can be more challenging to your daily regimen. You can better accomplish this if you have a place on each “living floor” to change your newborn’s diaper and a place for you both to rest.
  5. Avoid vacuuming, repetitive straining or lifting heavy groceries for 2-4 weeks.
  6. Do not bathe in a tub where hot water will be cover your abdomen for the first 2-4 weeks postpartum.