Common Prescription Medications

  1. Norco– is a mild narcotic, taken every 4 hours, is used for more severe pain. It can cause drowsiness and constipation, so using this medication sparingly is advised.  Concomitant use of a stool softener is recommended.
  2. Ultram-is a non-narcotic pain medication, dosed for every 4-6 hour usage and will be offered to you if used in the hospital. We advise that this is taken with food or at least 12 oz. of water.
  3. Motrin– is an anti-inflammatory, non-narcotic medication at a dose of 600-800mg /tablets, to be taken every 6 -8 hours respectively. This medication works very well for swelling, breast and pelvic soreness and uterine cramping.
    Note: taking your pain medication at regular intervals works best. Allowing too much time between medication dosing allows your pain to get ahead of you. Obviously, try to avoid overmedicating yourself, but usage at recommended time intervals will make the medication work at it’s best.
  4. All Purpose Nipple Cream– is formulated in the pharmacy, and can be helpful if you have cracked nipples, painful latching or if recommended by a lactation consultant or provider. It is used topically 3-4 times per day and does not need to be wiped off prior to a future feed by your newborn.