Recommended Non-Prescription Medications for the Postpartum Period

Tylenol– extra strength or regular as directed (do not exceed 2400 mg/day)

Motrin, Advil, Ibuprofen– 3 tablets of the 200mg tablets found over the counter may be taken every 6 hours with food or 12 oz. of water

Colace– 100mg 1-2 x/day can be very helpful to maintain a softer stool. We recommend you avoid this is if you have diarrhea. Continue the colace use until resume your normal bowel habits for 10-14 days.

Milk of Magnesia or Miralax– can be used if you have not had a bowel movement by 4-5 days after your delivery. It is best for you to take either of these products at night before bedtime, to be repeated the next morning if no bowel movement has resulted. If you do not get a satisfactory result to this regimen, please contact our office for additional suggestions.

Prenatal vitamins – Whether you chose to take over the counter or prescription prenatal vitamins we recommend you continue them while you are breastfeeding or until your postpartum visit occurs, whichever is the later event.

Remember that the prenatal vitamins do not replace the need for a healthy diet but it does help provide nutrients that are lost or compromised in the post-delivery period.