As you are preparing for the delivery of your new bundle of joy, here is some information that you may need to know.

If you are scheduled for:

Induction of Labor

  • Your induction of labor (IOL) can be scheduled 1 week in advance
  • We will request a specific time for your IOL, which can vary from early morning through late evening
  • The time given to you for your IOL may be delayed on the day of your IOL, depending on nursing or room availability. You will be kept informed about the potential delays by the charge nurse and your provider.
  • You may have a light breakfast or dinner prior to your arrival at the hospital
  • Present to triage  30 minutes before your scheduled induction time. This is located on the first floor of Prentice Women’s Hospital, 250 E Superior St.
  • You can use electronic devices in your Labor and Delivery and Postpartum room. Prentice Women’s Hospital provides free wifi throughout the hospital


  • If you are planning on having a repeat C-section, you may schedule your procedure after 13 weeks gestation
  • On the day of your C-section, you will need to arrive 90 minutes before your procedure.
  • You will present to triage at Prentice Women’s Hospital, on the first floor, at 250 E Superior St
  • You should have nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to your scheduled C-Section
  • You can have one family member in the Operating Room with you during your C-section
  • Immediately after your delivery, one family member at  a time can visit with you in the recovery room
  • Schedule a post-op appointment for 2 and 6 weeks after your C-Section

Be sure to add your child to your health insurance within 2 weeks of your delivery.

If you have a son and would like to have him circumcised this will be performed on the first day of life ( as long as your son has had a wet diaper and his pediatric exam is normal). Prior to or after your delivery please inform our office of which insurance policy ( that is, yours or your partners) will be used for your baby’s health care needs.