1. At the time of discharge from a hospital based procedure:
    1. You will be given prescription pain medications as needed
    2. Contact information and procedure specific precaution fact sheets
  2. General Precautions after surgery:
    1. Call our office at (312) 751-7515 if you have the following:
      1. Temperature over 100.4F
      2. Foul smelling vaginal discharge
      3. Increased vaginal bleeding that requires changing a pad every hours, for more thatn 1 hour
      4. Increased pelvic or abdominal pain, especially if it doesn’t improve with pain medications that hav ebeen recommended to you.
      5. Drainage from any incision site
  3. Standard postoperative instructions include:
    1. No driving for 24 hours
    2. No alcoholic beverages for 24 hours
    3. Avoid baths unless specified
    4. Pelvic rest for 2 weeks following your procedure or until your office postoperative visit  (i.e. nothing in your vagina)
    5. Use sanitary pads not tampons for 2 weeks after the procedure