Contacting the Office After Hours

If you have a medical problem that requires immediate attention, please call our main office number: 312-751-7515.  The answering service will then forward the message to the provider on call and you will be contacted.

If you do not receive a call back from a provider within 10-15 minutes please call the answering service back to notify them that your call has not been answered.

If you call after hours and it is deemed a non-urgent medical matter you may be charged a $35.00 fee.

Refills of medications should be requested during normal business hours. In general, pain medications and narcotics will not be refilled after hours. If your electronic chart is available to the provider, rare exceptions may be allowed at the provider’s discretion.

 – If you are suffering from a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 directly.

Prescription Refills

Refills require 48 hours to process and will not be refilled after hours.  Please be sure to refill your prescriptions accordingly. In order to process the refill, the patient has to be seen yearly. If a patient is due for an annual, we will only grant a limited refill once an appointment has been made.

Mammogram, DEXA (bone density scans), or Other Lab Orders

Mammograms, DEXA scans, and any other procedures are done at outside offices require a physician’s order. If you lose the order, please call our office prior to your scheduled appointment so that arrangements are made to get the order to you via mail or fax. This requires up to 48 hours to process.


If you would like to make an appointment with one of our providers, please call us at (312) 751-7515 or submit your appointment request online.  Only appointments for gynecology care can be requested online.  If you make your appointment request online, please allow 24 hours for a response from our staff.  Obstetrical patients must call the office directly for appointments due to their time sensitivity.

Please contact us if you are running late, we provide a 15 minute grace period.  If a patient is over 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to reschedule the appointment.  Due to unexpected emergencies, our physicians may need to leave the office.  If this happens, we will do our best to inform you as soon as possible. This may require rescheduling or changing appointment times.  If you are a pregnant patient, you will be rescheduled to the nurse practitioner schedule that day.

 – As of July 1, 2014, all appointments not canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be subject to a $75.00 fee. Please note, cancellations must be done during normal business hours. The answering service is not able to take messages regarding cancellations after hours.

Test Results

Patients should expect to receive their laboratory results within 48 to 72 hours from their office visit unless otherwise specified by the staff.  Pap smear testing results are usually available 72-96 hours after they have been done. If you have not received a call within that time period, please contact us to review your results.

Radiology tests such as mammograms, ultrasounds, bone density and colonoscopy screenings are often done outside of our office setting. Results for these exams can take up to one week to be received by our practice. If you have had an imaging test and have not received results within 1 week of the test, please contact our office.

Medical Records

If you would like to have your medical records released to another provider or copied for other purposes, you should download our release form. This form can then be faxed, mailed in,  brought to the office in person or submitted your request online.  If you make your appointment request online, please allow 24 hours for a response from our staff.

There is a charge for copying medical records for patients and insurance companies. It is a base charge of $20 along with a per page fee as mandated by the Illinois State Comptroller.


Payment for services rendered is required upon your receipt of a statement from our office.  Please refer to your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance if you have any questions.  If the EOB does not clarify your concerns, please contact your insurance carrier.  Feel free to contact our billing department to set up a payment plan.  If we do not receive payment within 30 days, our office will forward the debt to a collection agency.