Endometrial Biopsy

Endometrial Biopsy– this is done to access the inner lining of your uterus. Cramping during this procedure is not unexpected but the duration is short. We recommend that you:

  • Take over the counter medications such as 3-200mg tablets of ibuprofen (with large glass of water or food) or Tylenol 650mg, 30 minutes prior to the procedure.
  • You will have light to moderate vaginal bleeding after this biopsy is done.


Call the office at any time of the day if you have:

  • Increased vaginal bleeding that soaks a sanitary pad every 1-2 hours
  • Malodorous discharge
  • Cramping or pain that doesn’t lessen with ibuprofen or Tylenol medication use
  • If you have a temperature over 100.0 F